Tales of the ZugarouX is an audio drama and the first story written by creator Nel Zim. 

Show Description:

Recurring dreams of the ZugarouX tree infiltrate Abby’s everyday life, linking her to the universe in an inconceivable way. Stepping out of reality, she finds herself caught in an intergalactic game of chess. Unable to trust her surroundings, she maneuvers through the chaos to find her way home.

Join our protagonist as she battles the very idea of her existence in this sci-fi adventure series. Nightmares materialize, bringing with them the fallout from a cataclysmic end. The fight is on, to reunite the Inierge before the ZugarouX rises. Is it too late to save Earth?

Come, challenge the boundaries of your reality—but don’t touch the ZugarouX tree.


Nel Zim: (Narration) Abby, Ashna, Audie, Ben, Chuck, Dupes, Eddy the Therapist, Frank, Greg, Jack (Sarge), Kaleb, Madame Xylia, Marcus, Max, Stella, Tiffany, Various Soldiers, Yaz, ZugarouX (uncredited voices/background)

Leah Marie: Becky, Ginny, Agent Mayro, (various background)

Larry Dean: Phil the Hunter

Sami: Katie

Jerry W: Jon the Coach, (various background)

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